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Empower Your Healthcare Decisions

May 05, 20232 min read

​Empower Your Healthcare Decisions​

We, the San Antonio chapter of the Free Market Medical Association, hosted our meeting "Empower Your Healthcare Decisions" with the goal of discussing and finding solutions to the overwhelming cost of healthcare in the US. Our event brought together a panel of experts including Dr. Wes Clements from TailoredMDDr. Henry Higgins from Family Hospital Systems, Dan Hobson from Rise Recovery, and Allison De Paoli from Altiqe Consulting.

Our meeting was made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of Direct Med ClinicShankx Healthcare MarketingEagle Care Health SolutionsFamily Hospital Systems, and Altiqe Consulting. The evening was also graciously hosted by the co-leaders of our San Antonio chapter, Dr. Roger Moczygemba and Shankar Poncelet. You can watch our recording of the meeting below. 

We began the meeting with an introduction to the Free Market Medical Association's mission to promote price transparency and affordable healthcare. Our guest speakers then shared their experiences and ideas for creating healthcare plans that challenge the traditional insurance model.

Dr. Wes Clements spoke about the broken US healthcare system and the benefits of direct primary care clinics. He encouraged patients and employers to explore options outside of traditional insurance, emphasizing the importance of taking control of healthcare decisions.

Dan Hobson, who has personal experience with addiction, discussed his frustration with the traditional treatment industry. Together with Dr. Henry Higgins, they developed a non-narcotic medical intervention to help patients detox from addictive substances without withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Higgins, founder of Family Hospital Systems, shared his experience as a trauma doctor and emphasized the importance of accountability and quality care for patients. He and his colleagues worked with direct primary care physicians to create affordable healthcare options and with specialty surgeons to eliminate waste in the insurance system. Their company is focused on quality and results and is even becoming an employee-owned company.

Allison De Paoli discussed the challenges of navigating insurance and the need for transparency in healthcare costs. She encouraged employers to understand their risk and control the frequency and severity of large claims, pairing the right solutions such as direct primary care and urgent care.

Overall, our meeting highlighted the need for change in the US healthcare system and offered hope for alternative solutions. Our guest speakers offered practical solutions by exploring alternate funding levels, self-funding environments, and cost-saving measures. The event provided a platform for discussing the challenges of the healthcare system and offered a path for change.

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Shankar Poncelet

Shankar Poncelet serves as the co-leader of the San Antonio Free Market Medical Association. He is the proprietor of SHANKX, a branding agency.

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