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Free Market Medical Association

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The free market movement in healthcare is gaining steam. This is because of providers, patients, and self-funded employers, who believe that changing the way we purchase healthcare services is necessary, and that seeking out value driven healthcare providers is important.

Our mission is to unite all of the islands of excellence in healthcare and accelerate the speed and growth of the free market healthcare.

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Price Pillar


PRICE is NOT a product. CARE is the product.

Vale Pillar


VALUE is established when the buyer and seller agree on a FULLY DISCLOSED, mutually beneficial price for care.

Equality illar


PRICE EQUALITY is the basis of a free market.

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Our chapter is managed and operated by co-head Shankar Poncelet. His company SHANKX can assist you in locating your prospective patients to expand your healthcare business. Additionally, this website is crafted by SHANKX.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the free-market in medicine?

Free-market medicine refers to a healthcare system where prices for medical services are determined by supply and demand, without regulatory interference. Here, healthcare providers compete for patients, leading to innovation, improved quality, and cost reduction. Patients have the freedom to choose their providers and pay directly for services.


Why should I join?

Joining our chapter at no cost offers you the opportunity to network with professionals and institutions of similar interests, once every quarter. We provide solutions to numerous queries and encourage partnerships for expansion.

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